Sunday, June 22, 2014

house blessing

Our home, which we share with one of our bright young undergrad nephews, was blessed tonight by our pastor, Reverend Kenneth Wieting, who brought his lovely wife, Barbara.  Also in attendance was our niece Rachel, and our nephew David.

We thank God for His blessing upon this household and this dwelling, and we thank Dr. Wieting for pastorally caring for us in this special way.

An important aspect of the evening, I hasten to add, was the bacon cheddar puffs and the chocolate chip bars, which Ruth made.  Also on hand were some Lakefront Brewery products, and a tasty pinot noir.

Here are some pictures from the post-blessing conversation.

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Jim Genthe #allbeerisfood said...

Who is the scruffy guy in the white collar again?? O:)