Sunday, February 3, 2013

a thought on the Anima Christi

This morning after returning from the altar, I was praying the Anima Christi, and when I came to the familiar line, "Body of Christ, save me," I was reminded of what blessed Paul the Apostle writes to the Romans, chapter 7, "O wretched man that I am!  who shall deliver me from the body of this death?"  We can say, then, that the Body of Christ saves, or delivers, us precisely from our own body of death.  I love this juxtaposition; and to be sure, it is not that the body is inherently bad and we must escape it. Rather, the salvation of our flesh lies in our entering by faith into the paschal mystery of the life giving death our Lord Jesus Christ.  For the Christian, nothing could be more life affirming, and body affirming, than this Supper.


Fr. Jay Watson said...

What a beautiful post Deacon Latif. I had never myself made that juxtaposition before between the prayer and Saint Paul. Thank you for this insight and devotional gem.
Father Watson SSP

Dave P. said...

The Anima Christi is my standard Prayer after Communion. For beforehand, I borrow from the Byzantines: "Make me this day a participant in Thy Mystical Supper..."

CyberSis said...

"Corpus Christi, salva me." Thank you, Deacon, for making the connection and for giving us yet one more insight to contemplate as we reflect upon this remarkable prayer.