Saturday, December 29, 2012

Traditional Albanian Folk Music

The following is an example of an Albanian folk song, a style which has deep medieval roots.  This song, as you will see, is not exactly of a very happy theme.

Here is another clip, with a brief explanation of the style:"

One of the most interesting things about the Albanian iso-polyphonic style is the degree to which it reminds me of certain types of chant used in the ancient church, such as Byzantine and Old Roman, especially with the prominent drone.  And it goes to show, in my view, the inextricable Christian aspects of traditional Albanian culture.  Consider, for example, the following Old Roman Kyrie:"

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Fr. Jay Watson said...

mournful and solemn, I liked that first one quite a bit. To my Anglicized non-musical ears--a touch of Hebraic & Arabic chant.
Thanks for sharing Dcn.