Monday, August 27, 2012

from Dracula

"It is the eve of St. George's Day.  Do you not know that tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, all the evil things in the world will have full sway?  Do you know where you are going, and what you are going to?"  She was in such evident distress that I tried to comfort her, but without effect.  Finally she went down on her knees and implored me not to go; at least to wait a day or two before starting.  It was all very ridiculous, but I did not feel comfortable.  However, there was business to be done, and I could allow nothing to interfere with it.  I therefore tried to raise her up, and said, as gravely as I could, that I thanked her, but my duty was imperative, and that I must go.  She then rose and dried her eyes, and taking a crucifix from her neck offered it to me.  I did not know what to do, for, as an English Churchman, I have been taught to regard such things as in some measure idolatrous, and yet it seemd so ungracious to refuse an old lady meaning so well and in such a state of mind.  She saw, I suppose, the doubt in my face, for she put the rosary round my neck, and said, "For your mother's sake," and went out of the room. 

Bram Stoker, Dracula

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