Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Essential Lutheran Prayer Book

The Essential Lutheran Prayer Book is an excellent devotional resource for the student in your life.  For by grounding the Christian in a variety of the Church's best prayers and devotions, it keeps him rooted in the rich soil of the regular and ongoing life of prayer, as though he were a tree planted by the waters of holy Baptism, teaming as they are with spiritual refreshment and life.  It also helps train the Christian mind and heart in the lovely and elevated language of classic English, along with a healthy dose of Latin.  It is a book worthy of the beautiful mind and heart of the thoughtful Lutheran in your life. 

It comes in three different forms:
  • paperback
  • hardcover
  • and digital

And you can chose from three different cover themes:
  • black background, with the Luther seal on the front
  • white background, with the Luther seal on the front
  • or you could choose something outside of that mold, with a picture of the Milwaukee sunrise on the front cover, and a gothic baptismal font on the back cover
Through the links below, you can get a preview of each edition.  Consider this book for your student, or for your class.

Black theme-hardcover

Black theme-paperback

White theme-hardcover

White theme-paperback

Sunrise theme-hardcover

Sunrise theme-paperback


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