Monday, December 19, 2011

santa cycle rampage

If you were out and about in the city on Saturday, you too may have seen the army of Santas on their bicycles.  It's at the same time one of the many expressions of Milwaukee's bicyle culture and one of the many signs that you are in Milwaukee at Christmas time.  Admittedly, the Santa Cycle Rampage can be found in other cities as well.  But this one is surely the best, and I say that for two reasons. 1. The people involved are the Milwaukeeest people of all the Santa Cycle Rampages.  And 2. the Santa riders are riding through Milwaukee, which, let's face it, is hands down the Milwaukeeest place of all.  So there's just no comparison.  Convinced yet?
Check this link for one writer's take on the event, along with some great pictures.  And while you're at it, take note of the picture of the beer hall at my brewery.

And here is a video of the santa cycle ride from a couple of years ago:

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