Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lulu coupon for december 20th

If you make a purchase today and use this code at checkout:


you will get 30% off hardcovers.  Do it.  You won't regret it.


JB said...

I ordered your Book of Psalms in English & Latin through Amazon. I really liked the layout as it appeared in the "Look Inside" preview. Unfortunately, the layout of the copy that arrived was noticeably different. Also, the pages were already pulling away from the cover. So, I'm returning it. Before I reorder I thought I'd check with you to see if the version I liked is available. (The preview on lulu.com is true to what I received, but not to the Amazon preview.)

Dcn Latif Haki Gaba SSP said...

Dear JB:

I apologize for the problems with your copy. The one you see at the Lulu web site is the actual one. The one pictured at Amazon is an early version, and had errors which have been corrected in the current one. I hope I can find out how to get Amazon to stop advertising the older one. Regarding the physical defects of the one you received, I hope Amazon will rectify it. Personally, I do recommend going directly with Lulu for your future purchases (in case you are interested in the prayer books I have compiled, for example, or any of the projects on which I am currently working, like the lives of the saints.) Finally, please send me an email if you like, so that we can correspond more personally regarding these things. latifhakigaba@gmail.com