Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Tree with Dorian

This is our Christmas tree.  In years past we used artificial trees, since a real one would not have coexisted very well with our cats.  Oddly, they had a habit of attacking the tree anyway.  This year I decided to try a real one.  I felt I knew Dorian well enough by now to know that he wouldn't be too freaked out by a real tree.  So a few days ago I went to a Christmas tree lot downtown with my friend Mike.  We went to the lot on Van Buren & Kilbourn, across from the cathedral.  The guy didn't have many trees left; I told him I was interested in a small one, one that would fit a small apartment.  He showed me the smallest one he had left, and it too was bigger than what I wanted.  So he offered to cut off a portion and give me a deal on the price.  I said, cool, and he pulled out a chainsaw, and cut off a whole section from the bottom, and even tied the tree to the top of the car for me.  Very helpful and friendly man. 

I am really loving this tree.  I love the scent it gives the place, and I love the way it looks, with all of Ruth's decorations (some of which are her own origami ornaments).  Ruth has been feeding it water every day or so, and Dorian loves to lay right behind it.  I suppose he thinks he is in his own forest, or perhaps just a garden.  I think we'll do the same next year.

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