Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Rising - Bruce Springsteen [DVD Live in Barcelona 2002]

You may have noticed that for the past several days I have posted a number of Springsteen songs here. It was not, in fact, merely an expression of my ordinary Springsteen fanaticism. There was a theme. Namely, from last Sunday, 9-11, to today I have posted a series of songs from the 2002 album, The Rising, all of which are in some way inspired by the events of 9-11.  Many of them have a hopeful note, though in some it is kind of buried or subdued.  In this final song, "The Rising," however, there is a definite theme of optimism, of rebuilding, rising again, etc.  The songs from the album which I did not post here do not have as dominant a connection to 9-11, but they are all good songs.  They are more along the line of what one might expect out of Springsteen, you know, like the working class struggles of the mining industry on Mars.  Over all, The Rising is one of my favorite albums.

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