Saturday, September 10, 2011

made in milwaukee festival

Last weekend my wife and I took the time to go to the Made in Milwaukee Festival at Cathedral Square.  Like all great free street festivals in Milwaukee, the Made in Milwaukee Festival had a good variety of entertainments and activities, like dance, music, and crafts.  But what was best about this event was that a great plenitude and diversity of local businesses was highlighted.  One could sample the coffee of three local coffee roasters, or find produce from area farms, as well as many booths with local artists, and business of all types.  It was a good way of promoting local businesses, and local art, as well as other institutions, of Milwaukee. 

One of the fun opportunities was to pose with a sign on which you write your favorite local business.  You can find mine here.  (And that was before I was offered a job at Lakefront.)

At another booth, people were encouraged to pick one of Milwaukee's famous statues, and pose the same way as the statue.  I chose to pose like the Robert Burns statue, which is over on the Lower East Side, on Prospect Ave.  Here is my pose.

It was a nice Milwaukee summer afternoon.

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