Sunday, September 11, 2011

life before fort wayne

My wife was looking at pictures, for some reason, and showed me this one.  It brings back memories.  This predates our move to Ft. Wayne.  Late 90's.  We were living in the campus house at University Lutheran Chapel.  The background in this picture is the kitchen of the apartment where we lived, right off the chapel.  Fr. Wiest and family lived above us, on the second and third floors.  I'm actually not drinking beer at the moment of this photo; it is root beer.  That is the unique and wonderful Maple Root Beer, from Lakefront Brewery.  The amazing thing to me about that bottle is that it seems to be a glass bottle.  Lakefront bottles the root beer in plastic bottles; so I guess they bottled it in glass at one time, and I just don't remember it. 

Nothing like a hyper-ritualist being in his native environment.

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