Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brewers win again

Here is a recap of today's Brewers game. 

As a lifelong Brewers fan, it's fun to watch them this year.  I remember vividly the 13 game winning streak in 87.  I was a waiter at the Ramada Inn Downtown, and I still remember listening to that 12th game on the radio in the kitchen with some of my coworkers.  I barely remember the World Series of 82.  And the Hank Aaron years were before my time.  In some ways, though, the 2011 Brewers are better than ever.  For the past month they have been the hottest team in the major leagues.  Right now they are ten and a half games ahead of the second place team in our division, and it seems that at Miller Park lately they can't be beat. 

I must say, baseball this good goes especially well with a stadium as cool as Miller Park, which turned ten this year.  If interested, you can read this piece about Miller Park, and watch this video which shows the park from the inside, and shows how quickly the convertible roof closes.

The Brewers home game is a unique experience, with the tailgating, the sausage race in the 6th inning, featuring the batwurst, Polish sausage, Chorizo, Italian Sausage, and hotdog; and of course the singing of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" & "Roll Out the Barrel" in the 7th inning stretch (notice the people actually dancing the polka in this video).   There's also Bernie Brewer, who used to slide into a giant beer barrel.  Unfortunately, he no longer falls into beer, but just slides from point A to point B, which strikes me as almost pointless.

Admittedly, I say all of that as someone who hasn't been to a game in several years.  It doesn't have a place in my budget.  So I catch games when I can via TV, radio, and mostly reading about them the next day. I've been to Miller Park once so far, and that was for a Springsteen concert in September of 03. I could tell right away, though, just walking into the place, that it is 100% better than County Stadium, for baseball, or anything. I once took Ruth to a game back in the days of County Stadium, and our tickets ended up being for seats that were right behind one of those posts that blocked the view of the field. That was one of our more extravagant dates. And yet she married me.

Win or lose, Brewers baseball is part of Milwaukee, but it is especially fun right now.

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Rev. Luke T. Zimmerman said...


It sure is a great year to be a Brewers fan!

The only thing I remember from 1982 was being a kindergarten student while my father was at the St. Louis seminary. Guess who was the only person in the class wearing a Brewers hat on "Cardinals Day" at grade school.....

1992 was one of the first years I really remember much of. Just missing the playoffs with one of the better teams in a while. Then there were those dreadful seasons where baseball season was just occupying time until the Packers kicked off.

2008 was magical, especially the last two weeks of the season. The loss to the Phillies in the playoffs couldn't get me down, even when living here in Pennsylvania.

This year has been extraordinary, and I look forward to watching Brewers baseball in October.