Monday, July 18, 2011

things that strike me as unmanly

Our early 21st century American culture is feminized in profound ways.  So much so, in fact, that the shallow, relatively unimportant thoughts I would raise in this post may seen completely irrelevant (the last one below, however, is utterly serious).  Think what you will, but I bring them up for your consideration, perhaps mostly because I just see no one else doing so. 

Here are a few things that do not help, if you want others to think of you as manly:

  • Beginning an answer or a discourse with the word "so."  Like most grammatical aberrations, I would not say it should be utterly condemned.  Language is an art, and using a device like this on occasion may be clever, and add just the touch you may want.  On the other hand, I would strongly suggest that those of you who do it all the time please think about how lame it begins to sound to the objective observer, especially for men who want to be taken seriously.

  • Taking part in a medium that has the name "twitter," and doing anything that can be called "tweeting."  I am not opposed to the medium per se, though I haven't yet made use of it.  However, I cannot and will not swallow such terminology. 

  • Drinking any beer that is light, or "lite", or in any other way made for women.

  • Referring to your hooded sweat shirt as a "hoodie."  If a woman is wearing it, then yes, I can see it being called a "hoodie," but guys?  Many of you 20-somethings and younger have grown up with this nomenclature.  It's not your fault.  I wish you guys would learn to be a bit more countercultural, though. 

  • Spending much time with cartoons, or comics, or superhero movies, unless it is to pacify an actual child.  And you shouldn't let him watch too much of it either.  (The one superhero I kind of like is Po, the kung fu panda who finds too many reasons to eat-though I haven't seen the second movie yet.)

  • Feeling offended when someone challenges you on anything.  I realize, for example, that what I write above will cut some of you.  So please remember, it's okay for friends to tease each other.  You're a big boy.

  • Any sort of contemporary style of public worship.  And on this one, I'm not even teasing.


Richsheri1 said...

Latif, You're such a stud! Even Paul McCain would agree on that.

Dcn Latif Haki Gaba SSP said...

There is ample evidence that I'm no stud, not least of which we could cite my income figures, which in one sense is "off the charts," and my record of producing heirs to all that wealth. And, unlike Paul McCain, I have no arsenal of which to speak. But hey, thanks for reminding me. Just joking.

I do believe, however, that masculinity, which is a calling and an art, requires the constant encouragement of fellow men, in small and big ways, in profound and less profound ways. For we can no longer expect the automatic help of the culture in this regard.

Father Hollywood said...

Well said, Bro!

I don't think he has the, well, you-know-whats to publish this, but you could send it off to the Art of Manliness blog.