Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mark Steyn on Free Speech

Political blogs, especially well reasoned ones, have my admiration and support, for they occupy an important place in modern public discourse.  However, my own blog is, to a great degree, consciously apolitical.  I sense the need to make this explicit disclaimer once in a while, as defense against the partisan reactions, on either side, that many are likely to feel when they see, for example, that I cite a man like Mark Steyn. 

In the following video, he speaks on something in which Americans, no matter their opinions, ought to revive a true appreciation, namely, the freedom of speech.   I posted here, I might remind the reader, or inform the newer ones, a speech by Christopher Hitchens on the same subject.  I consider both Steyn and Hitchens to be brilliant on this point, however they may disagree on other points.  Lovers of the First Amendment, enjoy. 

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