Saturday, June 25, 2011

worship in the modern Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

This is how the Mass is celebrated at Prince of Peace, in Carrolton, Texas.  Oh, that doesn't quite suit your tastes?  Not to worry.  If you attend the 8 a.m. worship, you get the "traditional" worship, where they "utilize elements" of the orders found in LSB. 

This kind of liturgical ineptitude is meant to train and prepare the young people of that church for what exactly?  The struggles they will face in life?  The unstable and fractured nature of life in the modern world?  To be able to appreciate the constancy of the Gospel, which is meant for all generations and cultures?  Hardly.  I suppose if there is one thing, however, for which this type of worship does prepare the youth, it is to accept the liturgical Kool-Aid they will get when they go off to the Lutheran university:

Of course other types of worship can be found in the LC-MS.  If you want to make an argument for virtually any type of worship taking place in modern Missouri, you can do so.  But the Solemn Mass at Zion, Detroit, and the LSB worship at St. Paul, Hamel, Illinois, do not "even out" what happens in Carrolton or in Mequon.  It is not the case, as some think, that the Christian thing is to focus on the positive things happening in the LCMS, and on what is now available on the shelves at CPH.  What is Christian is to give a fair view of the whole picture, to praise the good, to condemn the bad, and to seriously ask, Is this the picture of a church, a synod?  Is this liturgical uniformity? 

Liturgical uniformity, properly understood, is hardly deemed desirable anymore.  That's the problem.  We strive for the least common denominators in the Church, when we should be striving for the highest common factors.


K said...

This student sees yoga group placed alongside the campus ministry as if it were just another group on campus. Ouch. Why is it that we see the traditions of other religions as being more appealing than our own? That yoga, because it is an ancient discipline, is so interesting to the same people who reject traditional forms of Christian worship is quite troubling to me.

Paul said...

yoga club??? The same thing is happening even in northeast Tennessee. Kyrie, eleison!