Monday, June 27, 2011

Pater Noster - Our Father in Latin

This YouTube video is an excellent aid to anyone who wishes to learn to pray the Lord's Prayer in Latin, as well as for teaching others to do so.  It gives you the words clearly pictured, and clearly articulated (according to the traditional version of the prayer).  This video will also help cure some of you guys of the awful harshness of classical pronunciation.  On top of that, you get to learn it to music.  Not only is music an excellent way to learn, but in this case that music is the classic chant for this venerable prayer.  When we sing, we pray twice, as Saint Augustine put it.  So use this for your practice of the Pater; it will help with your pronunciation, and your chanting.  Indeed, it will help you pray. 

Let me add that there is something missing in this video, which is very important for Lutherans, and that is the Amen.  Just chant that in a simple monotone.  Oh, and let me just say one more thing about this tune.  It can be used with the English version as well.

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