Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Luther Academy's Work in India

This morning, after the Holy Mass and before the church's annual picnic, we heard an excellent presentation by the Reverend Daniel Preus, who spoke on behalf of the evangelical work of the Luther Academy among Lutheran pastors in India.  In various places in the world today, especially in third world lands, the holy Christian Church exists on the ground, thanks be to God, and yet many of the pastors and preachers in those churches are very poorly trained theologically.  The good people at Luther Academy recognize this, and because LA has been blessed with resources, it is going into these places, and offering valuable theological seminars, on an annual basis. 

India is one of these countries, and Rev. Preus spent most of his time this morning giving us a taste of what he and his colleagues are doing and accomplishing there.  One of the interesting anecdotes that came out of his presentation is that although the seminars are designed for men who are already Lutheran pastors in India, they have attracted others as well, especially Pentecostals, as well as a Roman Catholic.  They keep coming back even though the teaching is unabashedly Lutheran.  In one part of the curriculum, for example, explicit use of the Augsburg Confession is made. 

This is holy work, and I pray it continues.  Luther Academy would certainly make good use of your mission gifts.

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