Saturday, March 19, 2011

1977 Promo "Hello Milwaukee"

"Hello Milwaukee" definitely takes one back many years.  The idea for composing a short "love song" for Milwaukee was conceived by Jerry Smith, who then contacted his friend Frank Gari to compose it.  The idea was for an ad promo for Channel 12, which was doing poorly in the ratings at the time (mid 70s).  The song was combined with dozens of images from around the city, and originally had no mention of Channel 12.  Instead of the line "Channel 12 loves you," the original was "Hello Milwaukee, you know I love you."  The more famous version of course has the reference to Channel 12, and it became so popular that Milwaukeeans of all walks of life, probably even regardless of personal TV channel allegiance, could sing it by heart. 

Here is the song on YouTube:

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