Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

Milwaukee is digging itself out, just as obviously much of the midwest is doing the same thing today, as the region faces the biggest blizzard and snow storm system in a long time.  It does not look like the restaurant will be open today, so I get to focus more of my attention today on work right here at home (a welcome change).  But first, I decided to put on my boots, and my new coat (gift from my sister Bedull), grab the shovel, and see what I could do outside.

My landlord (whose name I will protect in this forum), besides being a good man, is also an excellent landlord and handyman; in the case of snowfalls of any significance, he always clears the sidewalk, etc., with his snow blower when need be.  So I knew he would come out eventually today.  Nevertheless, since I am an able-bodied man, I decided to go out and do what I could to help.  (No special virtue involved here; just call it the old Milwaukee work ethic, along with the desire to get in on some of the fun outside.)  A good foot of snow greeted me right away on the other side of the door.  After focusing on clearing the porch, and steps, I began to notice that there were many others out with their shovels as well.  A number of us got together and formed a shovel party.  We worked together to dig all of our cars out, one after the other.  It proved a good opportunity to chat with my neighbors, and a great example of the friendly and neighborly nature of Milwaukee, and certainly my own neighborhood (Riverwest). 

Someone drove by and told us that Alterra was open, so one good soul offered to go get us coffee.  I declined the offer, since I have no cash, and he said, "Don't worry about it; I got you."  Now that's what I call a neighbor.  (You will notice that one of the pictures you find below features that cup of my beloved Alterra cofee.) 

It was also a pleasure to see a few dogs having fun in the snow.  One rather large black dog, Daisy by name, was jumping over snow banks.  Kids were out with sleds.  It was just a beautiful winter scene.  While I was out, I also decided to walk down the block, and take a few pictures.  Around the corner from my apartment is the Art Bar, and the West Bank Cafe, so I include here images of what those places look like on a snow day.  Notice the bicycle in front of the West Bank Cafe.  Dorian is always pining for the outdoors, so I decided to take him out for a minute.  He was happy to go back inside.

And speaking of happy to be inside, that describes me right now.  In fact, when I came in the house, I began to feel a bit light headed, I guess I still do. So I am just going to rest for a while.  


Father Hollywood said...

Dear Br. Latif:

Beautiful story, prose, and pics. I'm not a fan of cold weather, but I love Milwaukee! She is a kindred spirit with New Orleans.

Alterra would be my second home if I were living in Milwaukee. In fact, I typically drink my java is my Alterra cup that I bought on our last pilgrimage.

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

Dearest Father:

Notwithstanding the fact that even your region was probably affected to some degree by this week's huge storm system, I must say that when I begin to feel a bit fed up with the wintriness of our winter, I like thinking about New Orleans, and my memories of our visit a couple yrs back. I shall certainly return, God willing.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Bro:

Indeed! That was a great visit and a real treat for us to host you in our home.

In fact, I walked to the Circle-K for milk the other day, and ambulated past St. Joseph's church - which called to mind a stroll that you and I took in much warmer weather on your NOLA visit. It was that conversation that inspired me to read Slaughterhouse Five.

It seems that felicitous things happen when the Beanes and Gabas get together. It goes without saying that you are most welcome to visit here any time!