Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skating through a Martyr's Feast

On the Fifth Day of Christmas my wife treated me to the cost of the skate rental fee at Red Arrow Park, so I enjoyed some time on the ice today with my brother in law Bob, sister in law Sarah, and of course their wonderful offspring Rachel, David, and Hannah.  They were in town for a woefully short visit.  Most good sensible people, one supposes, would be loath to inflict others with the sight of such bad skating skills.  I, however, am not most people.  When I am on the ice, I don't seem to be all that bothered by the fact that others will see what a bad skater I am.   So I thank the Detlaffs for graciously enduring my presence with their skating excursion. 

I did seem to skate a bit more smoothly when I thought less of the ice in front of me and more of the life and witness of a brother in Christ who died about eight hundred years before I was born.  My dear nieces and nephew displayed zero interest in St. Thomas a Becket, so I mentally preached to the birds. 

A public skating rink in Downtown Milwaukee is like an invigorating box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to find.  And today I had the pleasure of running into the Rev. Fr. Todd Pepekorn and his delightful family.  So that means that not only did the Detlaffs see my skating method today, but so did Todd Peperkorn, a reputable Lutheran pastor, preacher, and fellow pericopal traditionalist. 

But seriously, I had a fun time skating today; no better place for it than Red Arrow Park, right across from the Marcus Center and in the shade of the Germanic rear end of the glorious City Hall. It was good to spend time with family. And on top of all that, it was really nice to see a good friend there. I did not think to bring a camera, but here is a picture or two that were taken of yours truly.

I began the outing, mind you, with a sweater, jacket and scarf over the shirt you see in the pictures, but after a while I was too hot, so off went the jacket, and then the sweater, until my upper part was left only with my new shirt, a Christmas gift from a busser at the restaurant.  Last year I skated at Red Arrow for my joint birthday celebration with my sister Bedull, whose birthday is the day after mine.  One of the great things about that evening was that Fr. Gary Schultz was a part of it.  I'll have to get back out on the ice this winter, maybe on my birthday. 

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Todd A. Peperkorn said...

And a fine time was had by all!