Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Note Well the Deals at Lulu

I would alert the reader to the fact that Lulu often gives certain deals and sales, and that there are several good resources there for the Christian home.

One such deal is the free shipping which goes until 12 December:

I know of several good books available there, and there are surely others at Lulu which I have not discovered.  One I would recommend is Daily Divine Service Book, a missal put together by Fr. Heath Curtis, and offered in both paper and hardcover.  I have not yet been able to purchase a copy, but it looks to contain mass propers for the celebration of daily Mass, and so it would make a good purchase for the missal stand, and for the theologian's study.

Another is a book on the liturgy, written by Fr. Burnell Eckardt.  It is entitled The New Testament in His Blood, and is offered in both paper and digital form.  Judging by what I know of Fritz Eckardt, his scholarship, his churchmanship, and his way with the written word, this promises to be an excellent read, and a good purchase for the seminarian, the pastor, and the family.

Indeed, I would also remind the reader about a little enterprise called The Essential Lutheran Prayer Book.  One can get it in hardcover or digital format; it is about 154 pages, and for the vast majority of its content, it has nothing new or innovative to offer.  What does it have to offer, you ask?  Be warned.  If you do not like the word "catholic," then this is not a book for you.  If you feel uneasy about the word "mass," then do not buy this book.  If you do not want your children and students to be exposed to any Latin, then keep this book away from them.  If you want a handy guide to daily prayer with classic English forms, and yes, some Latin, then this is a good resource for you, and yours.

Please consider these in your Christmas gift giving plans.

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