Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catechism of the Day

What sins should we confess?

Before God we should plead guilty of all sins,
even of those which we do not know,
as we do in the Lord's Prayer;
but before the confessor we should confess
those sins only which we know and feel in our hearts.

Which are these?

Here consider your station according to
the Ten Commandments,
whether you are a father, mother, son, daughter,
master, mistress, servant;
whether you have been disobedient, unfaithful, slothful;
whether you have grieved any person by word or deed;
whether you have stolen, neglected, or wasted aught,
or done other injury.

Quae peccata sunt confitenda?

Coram Deo omnium peccatorum reos nos sistere debemus,
etiam eorum, quae nobis sunt abscondita,
sicut in Oratione Dominica facimus.
Coram ministro autem debemus tantum ea peccata confiteri,
quae nobis cognita sunt et quae in corde sentimus.

Quaenam sunt ista?

Hic unusquique examinet vitae suae statum
secundum Decalogum: an pater, mater,
filius, filia, dominus, hera, servus sis;
an contumax, infidelis, negligens fueris;
an aliquem laeseris dictis, factis;
an furtum commiseris aut iniuria, ignavia et segnitie damnum alicui intuleris.

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