Wednesday, November 10, 2010

one of my favorite baptismal fonts

Definitely one of my favorite baptismal fonts in Milwaukee is the one at Saint Anthony's RC Church on 9th & Mitchell.  Having seen old pictures of Saint Stephen's, by the way, I can tell you that we also at one time had a tall, beautiful, gothic style font.  It was eliminated in the 1950s.  Thank you, mid-20th century Lutherans, who got tired of style and beauty.  Way to go.  Of course I must say here, for the record, that the modernist bug was as rampant in the RC Church as anywhere else.  These problems are cross-denominational.  Thank God, however, that there are churches, like St. Stephen's as well as Saint Anthony's, where we can still see the classic beauty of ecclesiastical architecture to match the classic beauty of the liturgy.  In the case of Saint Anthony's, I am particularly impressed, because it is a lively parish that has openly resisted the strong post-Vat. II impulse to renovate.  These are some pictures I recently took of that font.

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