Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jim Liban at Filisko Harp Bash 9-26-09

Lil Rev, who is a master harmonica player by any standard, once told me, "There are a lot of great blues harmonica players in Milwaukee, but Steve blew them all away."  He was referring to Fr. Stephen Wiest; we were chatting during a break in his set one night over at Linnemans, and reminiscing about our mutual departed friend.   I considered that to be high praise, even though Rev is surely biased.  Nor does such a statement take anything away from great Milwaukee bluesmen, like the one I want to highlight here.  When I hear Jim Liban blow harp I hear my late pastor, along with all the passion and richness of the tradition of the blues.  Here is just one example of the work of Jim Liban:

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