Friday, October 29, 2010

St. Louis Blues (Lil Rev)

The blues and Lutheranism somehow just seem to go together. I could explain this truism in any number of ways, but tonight I wish simply to use it as an occasion to post this video. For although William Handy surely did not spend much time with the Lutheran Church on his mind when he composed this song in the early twentieth century, nevertheless I find it strangely a propos, as the both confessionally and musically inclined Matthew Harrison settles into the weighty work of his new job.  Of the countless versions and incarnations of "St. Louis Blues", the version to which I keep returning is the one by Milwaukee's own multitalented Lil Rev, played on the mezzo soprano ukulele.  It is a soulful bluesy tune, played on a "happy" instrument, like only Rev can do it. 

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