Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some Springsteen for 9-11, with a thought or two of my own

It is my distinct opinion, and has been since July of 2002, that Bruce Springsteen's album The Rising is one of his overall finest, and represents some of his best songwriting.  Clearly much of it is a reflection of the 9-11 attack, and an attempt to see a 9-11 world from various personal perspectives.  So on this 9-11, I would share two or three songs from that album.

Into the Fire:

Empty Sky:

The Rising:

A final thought.  While I have political thoughts and opinions, I'm certainly not partisan, and in fact, I try to make my public discourse as apolitical as possible, so as not to get in the way of my theological vocation. So I hope this comment is not taken as a political statement, but perhaps more as a cultural one.  Namely, it is shameful that the World Trade Center has not been rebuilt by now, and taller and more impressive than the last one; the new building, and the permanant memorial being planned in New York, as far as I have seen their plans, are pathetic and embarassing.  I am not saying that America should be triumphalistic and arrogant.  But the simple fact is that there is nothing inherently wrong with New York having a world class world trade center, and in the wake of its destruction, it should have been replaced by now.  There is nothing civically improper with having an Islamic cultural center in that neighborhood, but the World Trade Center, more impressive and memorable than the former one or its destruction, should have been built first.  That would have been an unmistakable sign, not that America is intolerant (a "world trade center" in the heart of the most cosmopolitan city in the world, is itself the opposite of intolerance) but that America has once again asserted itself as a respectable and respected force of culture and stability in the world, a world as geopolitically and culturally unstable as ever.  So my own hope for the "ground zero" area is that one day soon a real world trade center will rise there, one of which New York, and the free world, can be proud, and on the day of its dedication, hopefully 11 September, I 'd like to see Springsteen play this song at that site.

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