Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Hundred Years Today

Today, which also happens to be my wedding anniversary, my Aunt Esther (I guess technically she is my Great Aunt) turned one hundred years old. So I skipped Mass this morning, so that I could go up to Oshkosh, where Aunt Esther has lived all her life, and celebrate her birthday with her. She lived her whole life in the same house, but just a few years ago had to move into a nursing home. Aunt Esther, wheeling around in her chair, is still remarkably sharp. I wish I could get up there more often to visit her, but it was a blessing to be with her for this great milestone. I would wish her a happy birthday here, but that would be most silly in the case of a woman who relates to blogs about as well as I relate to the praise band Mass. However, Aunt Esther is in our prayers, our prayers of thanks for her long life so far, and for her example, and our prayers for her continued care, spiritually and physically.

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