Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Springsteen Documentary

I just noticed that a 90 minute documentary is about to come out, which will explore the making of Bruce Springsteen's great underrated album, "Darkness on the Edge of Town."  Some of you couldn't sit through 90 seconds, much less 90 minutes, of Springsteen.  I eat this sort of thing up.  Obviously I can't comment on the documentary itself, since I have not seen it yet.  I can tell you this, if you do not yet know much about one of the greatest musicians in the history of American music, Bruce Springsteen, then educate yourself, for your own good, and the good of the Church (just joking about that last part).  Check out this short video:

Bruce Springsteen - "The Promise: The Making of 'Darkness on the Edge of Town'" Sneak Peek from Columbia Records on Vimeo.

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