Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting Other Perspectives

It seems that my impressions of Grace WELS, Downtown Milwuakee, piqued the interest of some whose perspectives somewhat differ from that of a traditionalist Lutheran.  See here, for example, as well as here, another take on the matter, with some interesting discussion.


Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

I think the part I enjoy the most is that I seem to have a new nickname, "Deacon Phylactery Gaba."

Father Hollywood said...

Just in case my post on the other blog (which is moderated) is rejected, here is my tuppence:

"Romanizer" is a childish taunt.

It's like a schoolboy calling another schoolboy "gay" for disagreeing with him on a matter unrelated to sexuality.

A Romanizer believes the pope is the head of the church by divine rite. A Romanizer would never quote the Book of Concord - especially not authoritatively. A Romanizer does not advocate for the Lutheran Common Service. Anyone who calls Deacon Gaba a "Romanizer" is engaging in an entirely inappropriate character assassination, and is, hopefully, only operating out of parrotlike ignorance.

It goes to show how deeply people misunderstand the Reformation. Some people think incense, bells, vestments, a dignified celebration of the liturgy, and traditional western ecclesiastical (and confessional!) terminology is somehow "Romanizing." It is as pathetic as people who think being Lutheran has something to do with Martin Luther King or having red doors on the front of the church. Such people not only don't seem to grasp what "Romanism" is, they don't seem to know what Lutheranism is.

And so, like the slack-jawed characters in the film "Idiocracy," all they can do is call people a meaningless slur because that's all they can do to engage in the discussion.

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

Thank you for the comment, Father. Indeed, theological discourse would be greatly enhanced if precision of language were upheld. That the Eighth Commandment would thereby be better kept would certainly be a plus.