Thursday, August 19, 2010

Being a "fan" of Concordia Theological Seminary

To briefly clarify my attitude toward the Lutheran seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, ie., Concordia Theological Seminary, let me say that:

1. Toward the people involved with that institution I have only Christian love, though in some cases it is a love that is commingled with pity and awareness that I share virtually nothing in common with them;

2. Toward the institution itself I have great love for part of its mission, namely, the part that had been its mission for most of its history, and a deep gratitude toward God for the ways in which it is still carried out today.

3.  However, I have great sadness, even a sort of hatred, for the ways in which that mission has been incompetently carried out, and also for the ways in which that mission has been supplanted by a broader, brave new mission.

4.  I have great optimism for the potential for the evangelical and Catholic reformation of CTS.  Even now it has within its own God given resources and within its heritage all it needs to make this potential reformation kinetic.  For its present and future I pray, and thank God already for what He will accomplish.

5.  Having said all of the above, I wish to make it clear that I count myself as neither a "fan" nor a "friend" of Concordia Theological Seminary.  Therefore, its sycophants will please save their time by refraining from asking me to thus register myself, on Facebook, or elsewhere.

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