Friday, June 25, 2010

final pictures from Memorial Day

As Milwaukeeans know, especially Eastsiders, and as all of you have caught on by now, there are many picturesque spots in the Beerline neighborhood.  In this final series of photos that we took on our Memorial Day walk through some of the scenic parts of Riverwest and points south and east, you see the final pictures of the Marsupial Bridge, as we got to the south end of it, where it connects with the Lower East Side and Brady Street neighborhoods.  The group of benches is at the south end of the bridge.  Then, across the street from the bridge, on Water Street, is the Trocadero Gastrobar, so I had to take a few shots of that great establishment.  Back at the other end of the Marsupial Bridge, we got a picture of the relic of the old Beerline railroad.  These rustic remains amid the trendy reincarnation of Beerline remind Milwaukeans of what once was.  From there I decided to walk the Booth Street Stairs, and took some shots at each stage along the way.  Ruth decided to walk the long path instead, so I got her in one of the shots from above.  From there we picked up some groceries at the Pick n Save on Garfield and Humboldt, which means that yes, essentially, this whole thing was one long Latif-style diversion on our way to the grocery store.

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