Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Arlo Guthrie/Motorcycle Song

The tall tale is an art with a rich tradition in American culture. It can be found in the nineteenth century Midwest, and the old West. Some tall tales were invented so as to win bragging contests, and for the fun of seeing who could come up with the best story. Some serve to illustrate certain morals. Some exagerate certain features in a story, or certain aspects of the real world in order to make a point, whether it be political, or social, or whatever. Some are just fun stories. This tradition has been picked up, preserved, and handed down, by poets and musicians in the last century, and today. Springsteen tramps know that Bruce has given his fair share on stage, for example. In this charming video, enjoy a bit of good music wed with some Arlo Guthrie style story telling.

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