Friday, June 25, 2010

Arizona does not border Mexico

It's true, this woman is a Milwaukee County official. This, it seems, is a measure of the intellectual standards in today's political realm. Bear in mind that Miss West is a product of MATC (Milwaukee Area Technical College). So she is also a reflection of our educational system.

See video here:


mipackerfan said...

I am sad to let you know that I graduated with Peggy West...South Milwaukee Sr. High School-Class of 1988.
Peope voted for her to be on the County Board...shameful!

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

That's interesting. I would have guessed MPS. Well, somehow she got through elementary, high school, and college with this level of geographical confusion.

Fr. Timothy D. May said...

I graduated from a high school in Arizona (Window Rock High School), just across the New Mexico border where we lived. Interestingly, and related to this situation, friends at the New Hampshire high school where I attended grades 9 through 11 asked me if I needed a visa when I told them I was moving to "New Mexico."

gnesio-lutheran said...

I have a friend who was raised in Albuquerque. When he moved up here to Wisconsin, he found many people under the impression that New Mexico was somehow part of Mexico, and that he was an immigrant.

The overall general knowledge of basic US geography is appalling, this clip being only one sad example.