Monday, May 31, 2010

the new Lil Rev bumber sticker

Thought I'd take a moment this morning to install my Lil Rev bumper sticker on the Focus, and a funny thing happened along the way. I started to unpeel the sticker on the back of the car, when I realized that this was not my car. I almost put a bumper sticker on someone else's car! That would have been simultaneously tragic and comedic. Anyway, here is the new bumper sticker.  The second picture captures what it looks like when a deacon contemplates the theology and/or geometry of a Lil Rev bumper sticker on a Ford Focus.


Ruth Gaba said...

I would argue that you still put it on the wrong car.

Father Robert Lyons said...

Hehehe, funny, Ruth!

My wife hates bumper stickers, so I can't put one on my car. Closest I can get is a clergy window cling for the back window. And it has to be a cling, not a sticker!

She also is opposed to the plates you put on the front of the car if your state does not require plates on the front and back.

And here I thought your car was supposed to be a reflection of you... oh well.