Thursday, April 22, 2010

sleep problems

This blog is not one in which you will see a lot of confessional writing. Yes, I am a Confessional Lutheran, and that, hopefully, is evident in my writing. What I mean, however, is that I do not write about myself very much; my writing is not "confessional" in that sense. I confess, however, that the reason you have seen writing of no kind here for I suppose over a week, and the reason that happens periodically, is that most days lately it is just too difficult for me to function outside of my job.

In my limited study of sleep, a REM cycle takes about 90 minutes, and adults need about four such cycles. Combine this with the fact that one needs time after falling asleep to get into this cycle, and then time to get out of it before waking, it would seem that on average adults need, for optimal health, at least six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. It will vary for each individual. I'm not sure what my own ideal number of hours would be. It seems I would do well with maybe seven hours of good, uninterrupted sleep. Unfortunately, I'm not getting it.

Here and here, by the way, are interesting articles on the topic of sleep and its relation to working the graveyard shift.

I took this job, knowing full well that it was for third shift, because it was overall a better situation than my last job. But I find myself once again in a position that is taking its toll on me physically. So until I figure a way out of my present dilemma you might not see much of me online.

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terry said...

Hope you find a different job. Enjoy your blogging.