Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Evening With Family

After Mass today I was thankfully able to "lay me down in peace, and take my rest," as one of my favorite musicians once put it. Then, at about five, I rose, got myself ready, and my brother and I went over to my friend Mike's favorite hangout on Brady Street to pick him up. By about six we had our dinner party ready to break bread. In attendance tonight was a wonderfully crowded house of family and friends: my brother Daut, his wife Susan, and their son Cyrus; my sister Bedull, and her daughter Alexandra; my sister Fatime, her husband James, their sons Logan and Brett, and their daughter Kate; my sister Adile, and her daughter Vera; and of course Mike Carter, erstwhile Lutheran preacher and man about town.

Nothing unites a diverse group of Lutherans and Muslims like roasted lamb. Just joking there. There real uniting factor was not what came out of the oven, but family and friendship. I must work tonight, so I cannot go on at great length here, though mention ought to be made of the work that Ruth put into this for the past couple days, and all of Alexandra's (aka Ali) hard work this afternoon, as well as the wonderful contributions of all of the families, such as Fatime's fruit salad, several items from Daut & Susan, including some ham and roast beef (Daut's philosphy is that one can never have too many meat dishes), and Vera's wonderful beignets with cherry jam. Suffice to say it was a wonderful evening. Here are a few pictures of a Gaba Easter, 2010.

This is my niece Vera and a diaconal type. I am a bit younger than my niece. Yes, I was an uncle before I was out of the womb. But let's save that for another blog entry.

That's Mike to my right, and James to my left:
Here, to my right is my sister Adile, and to her right is my brother Daut. Adile survived the Communist regime in Albania, and now lives out on the west side of town with her husband, my dear brother in law, Gezim.

Well, I know there were other pictures, but they must have been taken on other family members' cameras. So this will do for now. I'm behind by about four or five blog topics, and a few other pressing matters. But an evening like this was a wonderful way to start off Easter week. Of course Easter began with the Vigil, and perhaps I will cover some of the liturgical happenings here soon as well. Cheers!


Tim said...

You are younger than your niece? Hmm... that means you have to treat her as your elder, but she has to treat you as uncle. Must be interesting!

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

That is what we both tend to do. Her respect for me as uncle is at once charming, and touching. And I mustn't let it go to my head.