Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Art Bar

The latest featured image of the day at the Milwaukee Images blog may not seem like a very iconic view of Milwaukee, but I like it for a couple reasons. One is that it is rather typical of the bulletin boards you will find in many bars and coffeehouses on the East Side and in Riverwest. The other is that this particular place, The Art Bar, is right here in Riverwest; in fact it is right around the corner from our apartment. Next time you're in the area, drop into The Art Bar for a drink, and a view of what's on display on the walls.

I must say, while I'm at it, that the artistic atmosphere of The Art Bar is not the only art-friendly place in Milwaukee. Rather, it is reflective of what you will find in a number of eating and drinking establishments in this part of town. Just today, in fact, on our way back from a trip to the Central Library downtown, Ruth and I stopped at one of my favorite coffeehouses, Brewed Cafe, on Brady Street. You simply must see the diverse art that fills the walls, and even the ceiling of one of the rooms, at Brewed. It's a great place to get fueled up, have a snack, get a little reading or writing in, or converse with friends.

We all live busy lives, but sometimes one must stop and smell the coffee.


Mark said...

I had viewed an article in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel the morning of the posted image regarding an upcoming event at the Art Bar. I had never visited the establishment before and was in the area on a photo shoot that evening and decided to stop in. I was quite impressed with the wall art, table art (mini interactive sculptures), and the architectural details from the wine cork moldings to the tables inlayed with yardsticks. I did not notice the large bulletin board when I had walked in but as I had left I took a few snaps of it. As I reviewed the images from that night and I felt the Art Bar was the great experience. I did not want to pick out a single artist since many had nice works so I picked the BB as the focus point of my visit.

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

Thanks Mark, for the comment, and the insight on your work. After visiting the new exhibit at MAM featuring mid-20th century photographs, I am impressed more than ever that photography is itself an art form. And I do appreciate the ongoing work at MKEimages.