Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feminine Immodesty

Often, especially in our modern culture, even otherwise well-taught Christians will engage in behavior which they reason is for a good cause, but which would have been unthinkable in an earlier age. For example, in a misplaced effort to help promote the fight against breast cancer, many on this day are advertising the color of the undergarment they are wearing. While failing to see the oncological benefit of such a practice, I do see it as a betrayal of the lost virtue of modesty. Maybe there was good reason this would have been unthinkable in our grandmother's generation. I offer these words as food for thought, that's all.


Father Hollywood said...

Dear Latif:

It's all very sad.

There is a "funny" bumper sticker designed to "raise awareness" (whatever that means) about the terrible and not-at-all funny disease of breast cancer. It says: "Save the ta-tas."

I saw this bumper sticker in two places where I thought it was especially inappropriate: on the car of a wedding guest at a monastery, and on the car of one of our school parents dropping off children at our school carpool line in the morning.

People now no longer have any sense of propriety nor even the sensitivity that in certain contexts, at least, such things would not be appropriate. And there is no way to point this out in a constructive way that will not be taken as an insult.

You're right. Our grandmothers would have been scandalized.

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

Fr. H:
You say "And there is no way to point this out in a constructive way that will not be taken as an insult."

You're right. The risks are great. These are the areas where seemingly even angels fear to tread. Perhaps you and I are fools, fools for Christ anyway.