Thursday, December 24, 2009

Little Flower Quote of the Day

In the following passage from The Story of A Soul we go back again to Therese's childhood, before her First Communion. I share this one because I think it is a great testament to the influence one can have over his son or daughter, maybe even over one's wife, and family in general, by being a good example of a man of prayer.

What shall I say of the winter evenings at home, especially the Sunday evenings? Ah! how I loved, after the game of checkers was over, to sit with Celine on Papa's knees. He used to sing, in his beautiful voice, airs that filled the soul with profound thoughts, or else, rocking us gently, he recited poems that taught the eternal truths. Then we all went upstairs to say our night prayers together and the little Queen was alone near her King, having only to look at him to see how the saints pray.

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