Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a free conference on the Brief Statement

There is no shortage of theological and churchly conferences and symposia and workshops in a given year. In our busy day to day lives, and in today's economy, many understandably get tired of hearing about yet another conference. I am not one for whom talk of the Brief Statement sends a tingle up my leg, a document officially, and unfortunately, adopted by the Missouri Synod in convention in 1932, and taken by men of a certain persuasion to be the antidote and answer to all theological ills. The Missouri Synod tends to live in a tension between two poles, one which we may say is represented by the Brief Statement of 1932, the other might be represented by the Statement of the 44 of 1945, an ecclesial grandfather to the liberalism and unionism rampant in the church today. But there is a third alternative, namely, traditional Confessional Lutheranism, a way of thinking that is evangelical and Catholic in the best and truest sense of these terms, a Lutheranism that is unafraid to examine and meditate upon and live the Symbols of our Church without the lenses and blinders of any age, be it 1830s Germany, 1930s North America, or whatever.

So I am always in favor of a respectful discussion of the Brief Statement which does not shy away from real theological critique. And this is what Father David Petersen is offering on 18 January at Redeemer, Fort Wayne. What also caught my eye is that Fr. Karl Fabrizius, PhD., one of the finest preachers I know, will be one of the featured speakers. Please see this link for details.

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