Saturday, December 19, 2009

An Evening at MAM

Tonight I surprised my wife with an evening at the Milwaukee Art Museum, also known as MAM. I have been wanting to see the Andy Warhol exhibit, which is only there for a few more weeks, and this month's MAM After Dark event seemed like a great opportunity, since tonight's event, A Very Velvet Holiday, featured not only access to the exhibits, but also a fun night of hands on art making activities, live music, and a cupcake competition. I think I voted for the chocolate/peanut butter one. Anyway, it was a very enjoyable evening at the Milwaukee Art Museum, as always. If ever there were a blog topic worthy of a thousand well composed words, it would be a visit to the MAM. Let me just say tonight that Warhol is much more complex than he is usually given credit for; he was a devoted Catholic, and made this an open fact in the very last period of his life. I am learning to appreciate his art, but must admit that I remain most loyal to art of premodern eras, especially the Christian art of the late medieval to Renaissance periods, and such art, by the way, is plentifully represented at the MAM.

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