Friday, December 4, 2009

an entertaining & thought provoking interview

My favorite local bookshop in Milwaukee, I suppose, must be Boswell Book Company. It is situated in the UWM neighborhood, on Downer Avenue. You should drop in there some time. Anyway, Daniel Goldin, who runs the store, also maintains a blog that I recommend, and he lately posted a link to an interesting interview, an interview which I'd like now to post here.

Sherman Alexie seems to take a rather extreme stand against digital publishing, yet his comments and points are very much worth consideration. I myself am not opposed to digital reading per se. In fact, you can buy my two publications in both book form and as digital downloads. And by the way, they would make great Christmas presents for the student or students in your life. Yet we must ask, how is the digitization of our letters and even arts affecting our culture? Hopefully the thoughts raised by Alexie can serve as a call to be vigilant that no matter what new forms of communication and publishing we adopt, that we do not let it lead to the stultification of the basic communicative elements of our community and culture.

Also, this interview exemplifies the sense of humor which is characteristic of most every American Indian I have known. Unclear to me is whether the book Alexie is promoting is actually about the subject he and Colbert spent most of the time discussing. I think I'll drop in at Boswell Books and investigate.


Daniel Goldin said...

"War Dances" is stories and poetry, irreverant yes, but not focused on digital rights. He needs a book of essays! (Oh, and thanks for the kind words about the store--say hi next time you're in.)

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

Thanks, Daniel. I was in yesterday, but was too shy to say hello. Looked like you were setting things up for an event. I'm hoping to make it for the talk on the Pabst Mansion.