Saturday, December 19, 2009

6 Posts: 0 Theology

It hasn't escaped me that I have gone about six blog posts now, with clearly nontheological topics. What's up? In my defense, let me just make a counterargument. These are not as nontheological as one might think.

Regarding the Pabst Mansion, let us not forget that it was built by one of the great brewers of Milwaukee's classic era, when beer, even at the big breweries, was made with pride. In those days beer was not marketed for women's taste buds, like the macrobreweries of today. Nathaniel of old asked if anything good can come out of Nazareth, but I ask, can good theology come out of a man that does not drink good beer? Regarding our night at MAM, have you forgotten that Andy Warhol, toward the end of his life, produced his incomparable interpretation of The Last Supper, with the Dove soap and GE symbols superimposed upon the scene? That's good stuff...good stuff. Regarding Lil Rev, I mean please. One of the primary problems with most preachers, Lutheran or not, is a basic failure to fully appreciate the blues, for as the Blessed Reformer said, "It is by living, by dying, by being damned, that a man becomes a theologian." Which means that this Jewish folk singing Milwaukee boy, who goes by Lil Rev, is already one step ahead of them. I have seen a few bluesmen, and I can tell you that Lil Rev knows the blues.

As the father in the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding said, "so there you go."


Rev. Shane R. Cota said...

I used to have that Luther quote posted on my seminary dorm room door. It is truly the motto of the theologian of the cross.

As someone else sings: "Some are born to sing the blues."

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

Fr. Cota:

That is the kind of truth that the modern theologian is virtually incapable of perceiving or articulating. Even we who know that truth in theory need to never rest content that we have the truth, but must die to ourselves anew each day, plunged down into the abyss with our Lord, so that He may pull us up in new life, and to truly lively and life giving theology.