Friday, September 18, 2009

The Book of Psalms in English & Latin

If you are interested in having the traditional Latin Psalms side by side with the classic Coverdale Psalms, in a handy 6 X 9 paperpack, or as a download, it is available at Eventually it will be available through other distributors as well. But for now, you may certainly buy it directly from Lulu. For a few days it seems the e-book option was disabled. Now that seems to be fixed. See this link for info. Soon I will also be publishing the Coverdale by itself, and the Latin by itself. The present volume, however, is in my view, ideal for schools, students, homeschoolers, pre-sems, seminarists, and any who desire the ability to immerse themselves in such rich traditional psalm texts as these. Oh, and if I didn't mention it yet, you may buy it here.


Father Hollywood said...

Dear Reverend Deacon:

I'm getting ready to order my print copy, but I am also interested in the e-copy (I have a Palm TX).

Do you know what the format is for the electronic copy? Does it work with e-reader? Or is it a pdf that you read on the computer?

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...


I confess I don't know the answer to your question. I'm fairly sure it is a pdf, which can be read on one's computer, but as far as other capabilities, I'm unsure. I will try to find out for you.