Saturday, August 15, 2009

a laid back moment at Boswell Books

The Harry W. Schwartz bookshop was a beloved part of Milwaukee, and an important part of my childhood. When the company went out of business a few months ago, the historic Downer Avenue shop was bought out by Daniel Goldin, who had been with the company for over two decades. The new bookstore is called Boswell Book Company, named after the great biographer of Samuel Johnson. Like Schwartz was, Boswell is one of my favorite bookstores in Milwaukee. With an excellent variety of books (I especially appreciate its commitment to books from independent sources and local writers), friendly and helpful service, and of course, inviting seating areas, it is definitely a great book browsing hangout.

So what exactly does it look like when a deacon is enjoying a book at one of his favorite bookshops? I don't know, but above you can see the view from my perspective, when looking up from whatever it is I was reading there recently. It's a good vantage point, I think, because you get to see walls of books, and the Chuck Taylors, probably my best feature.

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Father Hollywood said...

Dear Reverend Deacon:

I think you need to see this.