Monday, July 6, 2009

Why I Missed Latin Mass Today

This morning I was wakened by news that a friend was in need of a ride to the hospital. So I threw on some clothes, and not taking time to think, but going more on autopilot, I grabbed my psalter, a volume of Kafka, my beret, and almost left without my keys. With those vital items I hurried to his place. In retrospect, it was a bit comic getting my friend to the hospital. Imagine relying on me to find a hospital I have never been to, and trying to get there fast. I think I made him more sick just by my driving. Indeed, he did vomit before we arrived, though I can't say for sure whether it was me or his existing illness. After trying to find the hospital he originally suggested, we decide to just go to a large area hospital I knew, Saint Luke's, at 27th & Oklahoma. The staff helped him in at the ER, and I was required to wait in the ER waiting room for about twenty minutes before I could get in to see him. So, still in some ways on automatic, my hand reached for my psalter, and prayed some of the psalms for Lauds. Then a bit of Kafka's The Judgment. Let me tell you, dear reader, that neither prayer nor enjoying great literature is helped very much by having a silly children's show loudly broadcast on the TV in the room -actually all three TVs- a Dora the Explorer, or some such show. (By the way, since Fr. Weedon's recent blog post on the ubiquity of the TV screen in modern American society, I have recognized this more and more.)

My friend is still having tests done on him, x-ray, a CAT scan, etc. Please pray for him. I came home to get Ruth to work, then I will return to the hospital. Hopefully, he will be well enough to go home. At that point I will need to get some sleep for work tonight.

(I had a good time at Summerfest last night, and might just write a bit on that later.)


Father Hollywood said...

Please keep us posted, Br. Latif.

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

Mine is not a "confessional" type blog, in other words, one in which a blogger "tells all," either about my life, or about others. Therefore, I hope the reader will excuse me for occasionally posting a story wherein main characters are left unnamed, as odd as it may seem. I want my friends' lives, and sometimes even their dealings with me, to essentially remain safe from unnecessary publicity.

Having said all that, thank you, Fr. Hollywood, for the interest shown in my friend. I checked back with him later in the day, then had to go pick my wife up in Mequon. At that time, he was still waiting for results from tests. I called the ER a little while ago, and the lady who answered would only tell me that he was sent home. So I will take that as a good sign, and try to see how he's doing tomorrow.

ICK said...

Latin Mass? When? Where?

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

Dear ICK:

At Saint Stephen's parish in Milwaukee (LCMS) we have Mass every day. On Mondays it is in Latin.

ICK said...

Is it a Latin Translation of TLH, or something else? Nothing like this exists on the West Coast, sadly.