Wednesday, July 22, 2009

local heroes

Now this story could have happened anywhere. It happened that it took place in Milwaukee, a city which in my insignificant opinion is full of people whose willingness to do what it takes to help others in need seems built into its cultural mindset. In this case, visitors from Tennessee were found trapped in their SUV on the South Side, at about 22nd & Layton. And a group of bystanders stepped into a dangerous situation, and saved the woman, and her two young children.

The many problems of the city, such as the two recent murders right here in Riverwest (still probably my favorite part of town), must be faced by the community, but it is important, I think, to highlight spontaneous moments like this rescue. For they are significant of the true nature of the city. Milwaukeans have a strong work ethic; they love to celebrate; they are also eager to be hospitable, and to help out someone in need.

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