Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tell Us What You Really Think

I am behind the front desk at the hotel, running some reports, etc., and I overhear an old couple (they look to be in their 70s or so). They are on the other side of the lobby, sitting at a couch, and watching what seems to be either a replay of Conan Obrien, or maybe a snippet of Conan on one of the news networks. (I'm sorry, Fr. Weedon, but, indeed, even the lobby of my hotel has a big TV screen.) Anyway, the woman says to her husband, referring to Conan Obrien, "I can't stand that guy!" And the man says to his wife, "I can't stand to look at him!" Sometimes old folks make me laugh.


saxoniae said...

I work nights behind the desk at a hotel.

We only have a small-screen TV, and I can't hear or see it very well from the front desk.

I can get a lot of reading done, though.

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

After I finish my audit reports, and between check in's, and addressing problems as they arise, I usually pray Matins, and do some reading. It often works out that I get to pray Matins at about the time that Saint Benedict would have it done in his monasteries. Maybe the bureaucrats were right about me.

saxoniae said...

Do you stick to the actual text from Matins when doing this by yourself or do you also add hymns, psalms and Scripture readings? So far I've only managed to use "Prayers for Individuals & Families" from the LSB and/or Treasury while at work rather than the daily offices.

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

No. Nothing against LSB (what am I saying, I have plenty against it, but that's a different discussion). In terms of a parish's congregational use of the Divine Office, LSB probably serves pretty well. I prefer to use a more traditional form of the Divine Office, with the Benedictine Psalm scheme. With the demands of my present work schedule, I do not get the whole scheme accomplished each week, but I have been able to hold onto Matins, sometimes Lauds also. About once a week I pray it in Latin.