Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Evening on Brady Street

How do East Side Milwaukee folks spend a leisurely summer evening? Among other things, they can be found on Brady Street. That is what Ruth and I did tonight. There's a lot of good places to eat on Brady Street; I had some Brady Street fellowship with the Beanes last week, for example, at the Apollo Cafe. Tonight Ruth and I picked up Jimmy John's sandwiches, and found a nice sidewalk table where we got to eat our dinner while enjoying the company of all the others doing the same.

Incidentally, a typical Latif moment was when we got to Brady Street, and started walking west; we get about a block past Jimmy John's when Ruth says, "So where are we going to eat?" and I say, "Jimmy John's, remember?" Ruth says, "But it's back that way." I'm like, "I know; we'll get there."

Anyway, after dinner, we stroll down the street, just enjoying the scene. I wanted to check out some of the vintage clothing and antique shops, and maybe a coffee house, like Rochambo, or Brewed. At one vintage shop, Yellow Jacket, I found a hat I just knew was destined to be mine, a yellow, furry hat, reminiscent of the one Cosmo Kramer once found on the street; unfortunately, it didn't quite fit me. On the next block, however, at Dragonfly, I found vintage neck ties on sale for $1 each, so three of them adopted me, and came home with me:

Finally, we decided to cross the street, and start heading back up the other side. I must say, one of my favorite things about life on the East Side is that I'm always encountering dogs I can pet. Sure enough, we soon found a dog, sitting next to his owners at a sidewalk bar or cafe, I don't remember which. I reached down to pet Bruno, the Basset Hound, a dog which looked much like this one:

Bruno not only let us pet him, which is not unusual, but also rolled over and encouraged us to pet his belly, which his owners said he never does.

Brady Street has an almost Parisian quality, a hard to define atmosphere which invites one to take some time out of the work week, and play the flaneur, if you will "pardon my French." So I always enjoy walking Brady Street with my wife, just as I love sharing the experience with friends whenever I can.


Anonymous said...

Your comment about the ties "adopting" you and going home with you reminded me of something. That often happens for me with books, not much else, but always books. ;)
Fr. Benjamin

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

Indeed, it has happened to me with books, most definitely. Lately, though, I'm on a tight budget, and those ties were really at a price where I could take three of them without too much burden ($3 total). My post about Brady Street, in which I wax verbosely about the cool places there, may seem to imply that real expense was involved, but I assure the reader that one can, as Ruth & I usually do, enjoy Brady Street quite on the cheap.