Monday, March 16, 2009

equipping seminarians for spiritual warfare

I commend to your study the blog of Father Steven Cholak. In particular, I call to your attention this outstanding post, in which he considers the spiritual and liturgical needs of the seminarian, and how well they are being met in today's seminary. In this post, as in his life generally, Fr. Cholak proves himself astute, courageous, and to have great love for his Lord's Church. I think that Fr. Cholak would agree with me that what is needed is not a return to some point in the past, though indeed there are moments in the seminary's past which can be examples for us. (I used the present tense intentionally when I wrote "there are moments," for they are there, in our living past, waiting for us to learn their lessons.) For the Church will always be filled with sinful men, who are always somewhat blind to how best to proceed in this world. Rather, what is needed is a rethinking of the mission of the seminary, what it means to be a seminary community, and in what way the seminary can and should see itself as the Church. My prayer is that the reform of the academic curriculum of a couple years ago will be matched by a true, genuine, and thorough going reform of the spiritual and liturgical life on campus.

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gnesio-lutheran said...

Interesting post.

Forgive my ignorance, but I gather that things are not going well at CTS?

When I visited there about 10 years ago, I was thoroughly impressed by the multiple opportunites for corporate prayer each day, and the conscious effort to cultivate each seminarian's spirtuaity.

What happened?